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A Story About Us

White Bathtub
black on white Pittsburgh Artisanal Soap Co. LLC Logo

 Pittsburgh Artisanal Soap Company was created to share a passion for creating beautiful, artistic, handmade soaps for you!   Fun, quirky, and beautiful designs  marry with wonderful fragrances, creating soaps with colors and scents for all of your moods.  Our soaps are artisanal, they are made in small batches, and each bar is a unique work of art. 

Our soaps are beautiful and unique on the outside, smell divine, and you will love using them.  We also care about the Inside, the ingredients! Ingredients are key to quality soap, and need to be the best they can be in every way.   We took the time to source the finest quality, sustainable, oils and butters from an American, women owned company.   Fragrances come from an American company that specializes in soap making products and tests the product in their own labs before they sell to us.  The micas are sourced from another American company that obtains them ethically, no child labor or animal testing.

The necessity of bathing is elevated to a whole new level when you treat yourself to one of our soaps. You can relax and care for yourself knowing that we have taken the time to provide you with the best quality product we can.  Pamper youself.     Experience the beauty of soap!


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