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  • What makes your soap special?
    Our soaps are lovingly made with the best possible ingredients and an artistic flair. Extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, cocoa and shea butters, and Tussah Silk are some of the special ingredients we use to make our products. We source our products from other american owned businesses whenever possible. Our oils and butters come from a women owned, American business. Fragrances come from an American company that specializes in soap making products and tests the product in their own labs before they sell to us. The micas we use are sourced from another American company that obtains them ethically, no child labor or animal testing. We use our soaps and we want you to use our soaps too! We want you to feel special and pamper yourself with the best product you can buy!
  • Can I use your product if I have sensitive skin?
    Yes! I would like to point out that all sensitive people react differently to ingredients, no matter how natural or pure the ingredients are. I would encourage you to read our ingredients, listed under each product, to check against any know allergies. As with any product you use on your skin you should discontinue use if you experience irritation. Our soaps do not contain detergents, sulfates, or parabens so there should be less ingredients to cause sensitivity.
  • Are your soaps Vegan?
    Our Plant-Based soap collection is Vegan friendly! Our ingredients are listed beside our soaps so you can check to satisfy individual preference.
  • Is the price I see for 1 bar of soap?
    Yes. The price listed is for one bar of soap. The size is listed in the product description. Sometimes we do show a grouping of soap bars or even props in our pictures to show off the artistic properies of our soaps. We also use pictures of multiple bars to show the slight differences in design that occur between bars in artisan soaps.
  • How long will my soap last?
    First of all we encourage you to use your soap! You will love it! Secondly it is very difficult to determine how long a bar will last while in use. Many factors will affect the longevity of the bar. (Your bathing habbits, whether you scrub the bar with a loofa, body hair, the hardness of the water, and how you store your bar.) Finally, the best suggestion to prolong the life of your soap is to keep it as dry as possible, even let it dry out between uses. A draining soap dish is a great help with this as is removing it from direct streams of water when you are not using it! My suggestion, buy extra soap so you are never without a bar to brighten your tub, brighten your mood, and brighten your day!
  • Why do your soaps need to cure?
    Artisanal soap making requires patience! Patience is difficult! We cure our soaps for 6 weeks because we want our soap to develop into it's best self! As soap sits and drys it becomes milder to your skin, it develops it's full potential for bubbles and lather, it hardens so it will last a maximum amount of time. We want you to have the best experience with our soaps so we need to be patient! Patience is difficult, but worth it!
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